Review of the Air Force Academy Vol XIII, No 1(28)/2015
Newest Provisions in Regulations Applied for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems - Róbert SZABOLCSI Pg.7
Euro-Atlantic Collaborative Platform of Informative Cooperation Designed to Combat Unconventional Threats - Ioan BĂLĂCEANU, Ion BĂLĂCEANU Pg.13
Security Policy and Economic Priority of the Slovak Republic - Milan SOPÓCI, Katarzyna SZCZEPAÒSKA-WOSZCZYNA Pg.19
Electromagnetic Spectrum Domination - Laurian GHERMAN Pg.23
Establishment of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System Cluster: Mission, Motivation, Vision, Goals - Róbert SZABOLCSI Pg.27
The United Nations’ Perspective on the International Security System and the Global World’s Asymmetries - Oana-Andreea PÎRNUŢĂ Pg.31
Study on Performance-Based Transformation in the Case of Aviation Technology Insertion - Cătălin CIOACĂ, Mircea BOŞCOIANU, Sebastian POP Pg.39
Circumterrestrial Cosmos, The New “Battlefield” - Bogdan-Cezar CHIOSEAUA, Marian NICORICI Pg.45
Hybrid Wars in the Age of Asymmetric Conflicts - Andrei JOSAN, Cristina (COVACI) VOICU Pg.49
Aspects on the Operationalization and the use of Military Power in Multinational Operations - Dorel MIRON Pg.53
Current Issues Concerning the Workflow in the Military Environment - Daniel ROMAN Pg.57
Methodology of Target Analysis for the Actions Specific to the Vertical Component of the Battle Space - Lucian MOLDOVAN Pg.61
Conceptual Projections on Nato Member States’ Air Forces Transformation - Cosmin-Liviu COSMA Pg.67
Military Operations in and from Outer Space, a Threat to World Security and Stability - Bogdan-Cezar CHIOSEAUA Pg.75
Qkd Protocols – Software Implementation Bennet-Brassard vs. Bruss - Gabriela MOGOS, Gheorghe RADU Pg.81
Analysis of the Fundamental Limit Problems in Probability Theory - Ana-Maria RÎTEA, Sorina Mihaela STOIAN Pg.85
New Classes of R -Complex Hermitian Finsler Spaces With (ƒŸ,ƒ )-Metrics - Monica A.P. PURCARU, Gabriela CAMPEAN Pg.97
Comparative Evaluation of Projectile’s Drag Coefficient using Analytical and Numerical Methods - George SURDU, Georgică SLĂMNOIU, Alin – Constantin SAVA, Ioan VEDINAŞ Pg.101
Comparative Method for Determining the Mechanical Stresses - Ioan GHIMBASEANU Pg.105
The Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation Emitted by Cell Phones on Population - A Current Issue - Jeler Grigore Eduard Pg.109
PCA Versus LDA in Implementing of Neural Classifiers for Face Recognition - Marian Dorin PÎRLOAGĂ, Ciprian RĂCUCIU, Emil CRETU, Marius ROGOBETE Pg.113
Mobile Indoor Positioning Using Wi-Fi Localization - Bianca BOBESCU, Marian ALEXANDRU Pg.119
Optimizing Face Recognition in Images - Marian Dorin PÎRLOAGĂ, Ciprian RĂCUCIU, Emil CRETU, Marius ROGOBETE Pg.123
Overheating Analysis of the Special Vehicles Braking Systems - Alin-Marian PUNCIOIU, Ioan VEDINAŞ, Marian TRUŢĂ Pg.133
The Influence of the Road Surface for the Wheel Car - Cristian MINCA Pg.139
Improving Industrial Systems Performance by Monitoring Quality Costs - Flavia FECHETE, Anisor NEDELCU Pg.143
The Determination and Analysis of Tire Contact Surface Geometric Parameters - Cristian MINCA Pg.149
Flexibility and Efficiency Analysis of a Flexible Manufacturing System - Raluca NICOLAE(MANESCU), Anisor NEDELCU Pg.155
Case Study: Empiric Management Disregarded Individuality in Matters the Work/Life - Daniela BELU Pg.159
Stress in the Workplace – Sources, Effects and Coping Strategies - Jaroslav NEKORANEC, Miroslav KMOŠENA Pg.163
Institutional Governance from the Perspective of Superior Education in the Republic of Ecuador - Elena POPOVICI Pg.171
Surgical Strategy in the Transcervical Approach of the Parapharyngeal Tumors in Aeronautical Military Personnel - Cristian Dragos STEFANESCU, Viorel ZAINEA, Mura HAINAROSIE,Razvan HAINAROSIE Pg.177
The Contribution of International Auditing Standars and Arrangements for Implementing National - Doru TELEMBECI Pg.183
Entrepreneurial Skills, SWOT Analysis and Diagnosis in Business Activities - Luciana Cristiana STAN, Anisor NEDELCU Pg.187
The Use of Coblation in Volumetric Tumor Reduction of the Rhinopharyngeal Neoplasm for Aviators - Cristian Dragos STEFANESCU, Viorel ZAINEA, Mura Hainarosie,Razvan HAINAROSIE Pg.191
Swot Analysis on Determining the Role of Entrepreneurial Skills in Business Success - Maria- Dorina PAŞCA, Maria-Victorita TĂNĂSELEA, Elena VITELARU Pg.195
Beeing a Leader. Personal Challange or Mandatory Request? - Cristian –Marian PANAIT Pg.199

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