Revistă ştiinţifică cu prestigiu recunoscut în conformitate cu Ordinul 5691/27.10.2011

The journal “Review of the Air Force Academy” was first published in 2003, in its Romanian version, and starting with 2006, the journal has been published in English and issued two times a year (May and December). In 2005 , on the occasion of the 10-year celebration of the “Henri Coanda” Air Force Academy, a special issue was printed.

The journal has hosted articles and papers written by university professors and specialists in the field of Air Force, belonging to the academic staff and to other prestigious universities. This is an open access journal which means that all its content is freely available worldwide without charge to the users or institutions. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles.

Due to the profile of the “Henri Coanda” Air Force Academy, the sections of the journal are as follows: technical sciences, applied mathematics, management and socio-humanities and military science. Review of the Air Force Academy does not charge fees for processing articles.

Given the value, from a scientific perspective, of the quality of articles published in the journal, the number of copies printed has increased, from year to year. Similarly, the requests for articles publishing from university professors and specialists throughout the country and abroad have increased, too. The journal contributes to a valuable exchange of opinions within the national scientific community, via mutual exchanges among universities in Romania, thus, the scientific research interests of our staff becomes known throughout the country. The journal was presented to all members of the foreign delegations visiting to the Academy. Ever since its first issue, the journal has been published regularly, the consistency between its designing and printing being preserved.

In December 2009, the “Review of the Air Force Academy” received the accreditation by the National University Research Council, class B+.