Review of the Air Force Academy Vol XIII, No 2(29)/2015
Electronic Warfare in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland at the Turn of the 20th and 21st Century - Waldemar SCHEFFS Pg.5
Construction of Emergency Response Force - XUEWU LI Pg.15
Techniques, Tactics and Modern Fighting Procedures Against Aggressive Ballistic Systems - Ioan MUNTEANU Pg.21
Military Procurement Management System after 1989 - Costel LOLOIU Pg.27
Analysis on Development of Specific Human Resource in National Defense Economy - DAN ZHOU, HUI ZHANG, YANJUN YANG Pg.33
Old & Modern Wars – Politics’ Mobile Centers of Gravity - Cătălin ANTON Pg.39
SThe Role of the First Instructor in Cultivating the Aviation Safety Concept - Oliver CIUICĂ, Eduard MIHAI Pg.43
Modern Technologies with Military Applications: The Optoelectronic Concealment in the Modern Battlefield - Lucian-Ştefan COZMA Pg.47
The Decisional Process and the Liability Factor in the Knowledge-Based Society - Anca BÎRSAN Pg.59
The Implications of Terrorism in a World of Information and Technology - Sînziana-Florina IANCU Pg.65
The Influence of Foreign Capital’s M&A on the Host Country’s Economic Security- DONGMING ZHOU, LAN SHI, GANG WANG Pg.69
A Study on the Improvement Measures of the Elements in Military Accounting Statement on the Accrual Basis of Accounting - JIAJIAN YU, LEI ZHOU Pg.73
The Relationship between Military Expenditures and Economic Growth - A Case Study of the United States, Russia, Japan, India And China - JINGXI MA, YIWEN JIANG, XIAOYONG XIAO Pg.79
A Scheme for Legislating the Signature Procedure of China National Defense Contracts - ZHENGQI FANG, LI DENG, LING YANG Pg.91
The Nonlinear Relationship Between Defense Expenditure And Economic Growth in China -An Empirical Analysis Based on MS-AR Model - ZHONGHOU GUO, SIQI LIU, LIN JIN Pg.95
The Use of Social Media in Romanian Political Marketing - Marius-Călin BENEA, Orlando-Demetrius BENEA Pg.103
Environmental Impact of Brownfields Sites in Hunedoara Area- Marius ARDELEAN, Erika ARDELEAN, Lucia VÎLCEANU, Ana JOSAN Pg.107
Mining Revival – A Chance for Recovering from Crisis - Rareş MUNTEANU, Roland-Iosif MORARU Pg.113
Intercultural Adjustment – The Premise of the Success of Youth Exchange Programs - Roxana MAIER Pg.119
Family According to Military Medical Student Targeting his Career- Maria-Dorina PAŞCA, Andreea-Elena IACOB, Ana-Luciana COCA Pg.125

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