Review of the Air Force Academy
(online) ISSN: 2069-4733                                                                                                                                                           Vol XI, No  2(24)/2013
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Valeriu DRĂGAN
Proof of concept for an infra-circulation fluidic high lift device

Gheorghe MORARIU, Ecaterina-Liliana MIRON, Micsandra-Mihaela ZARA
Fractal antenna system with mimo capabilities

Browser-based home monitor using zigbee sensors

Octavian Mihai MACHIDON, Titus Constantin BALAN, Radu CURPEN
Cloud perspective on reconfigurable hardware

Radu CURPEN, Florin SANDU, Cosmin COSTACHE, Gabriel Mihail DANCIU
Solutions for roaming and interoperability problems between LTE and 2G or 3G networks

Dănuţa GRAD, Valeriu DRĂGAN
Solid particle erosion models for titanium and aluminum metal matrix composites

Bogdan Gheorghe MUNTEANU
On the limit theorems for convolutions of power series type

Grigore JELER, Gabriel KICSI
Aspects regarding by the network enabled logistics of military structures

New technological options in preventing and opposing international terrorism

Ovidiu-Gheorghe MOŞOIU
Transatlantic cooperation, in the context of the new international security environment transformations and recent NATO and EU documents

Products and foresight methods in national security

Oana-Andreea PÎRNUTĂ
The security environment and the phenomenon of globalization: dimensions and processes

Andrei JOSAN
New security dinamics and the rapid-changing regional energy architecture of the Black Sea area

Daniela BELU
The psychological and statistic instruments used to measure capacity to be motivated the basis of leadership

Elena-Simona INDREICA, Ana-Maria CAZAN
Graphic exercise used as an active break in time management (intellectual training)

Daniela NAGY, Diana ILIŞOI
From teaching to active learning

Some aspects concerning of implementation of lean manufacturing in the management of higher education

Maria Dorina PAŞCA
Cognitive strategies concerning the nutritional profile of the patient

The customary law of the saxons from Ardeal