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    (07.06.1886 – 25.11.1972)

    Romanian scientist, predecessor of reactive aviation and inventor.

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      “Henri Coanda” Air Force Academy is a legal military entity with juridical personality which is an integrated part of the Romanian higher education system. It is located in the very heart of Romania, in Brasov, a city with almost a century of experience in designing and manufacturing airplanes and with tradition in higher education, as well.
      „Henri Coandă” Air Force Academy was established on 11th of August 1995 based on the Government Decision no. 616.


  • 1.  name: “Henri Coanda” Air Force Academy
  • 2.  tradition: the Academy continues the tradition of training Air Force officers, gathering an experience of almost a century in the field of military education
  • 4.  address: 160, Mihai Viteazul St., Brasov, zip code 500183
  • 5.  phone: +40268423421, fax +40268422004
  • 6.  web page: www.afahc.ro


  • -COMMANDANT (RECTOR): Commander Assoc Prof Marius ŞERBESZKI, PhD
  • -Vice-Rector for Education: Commander Assoc Prof Eng Ionică CÎRCIU, PhD
  • -Vice-Rector for Scientific Research: Lecturer Adrian PITICAR, PhD
  • -Vice-Rector for Programs and International Relations: LTC lecturer Cosmina-Oana ROMAN,PhD
  • -Vice-Rector for Lifelong Training and Students Affairs: Col Assoc Prof Vasile-Ioan ŞANDRU,PhD
  • -President of the Academy Senate: Assoc Prof Claudia-Georgeta CÂRSTEA, PhD

      The Academy has within its structure the AERONAUTICAL MANAGEMENT FACULTY with two departments:

  • -Military and Management Sciences Department
  • -Aviation Department

      and AIR DEFENCE SYSTEMS FACULTY with two departments:

  • -Fundamentals Sciences Department
  • -Air Defence and Surveillance Department

The Academy educational offer is related to the field of “Military Sciences, Intelligence and Public Order”, as described bellow:

  • -„Organization Management” - full-time bachelor study program, three years of study, accredited, 180 ECST;
  • -„Aviation Management” - full-time bachelor study program, three years of study, accredited, 180 ECST;
  • -„Air Traffic Management” - full-time bachelor study program, three years of study, accredited, 180 ECST
  • -„Management of Anti-Aircraft Missiles and Artillery ” - full-time bachelor study program, three years of study, provisional authorized, 180 ECST
  • -„Management of Air Surveillance Defense Systems” - full-time bachelor study program, three years of study, provisional authorized, 180 ECST
  • -“Airspace Security” - full-time master study program, two years of study, accredited, 120 ECST;
  • -“Management of Air Force Combat Systems” - full-time master study program, two years of study, accredited, 120 ECST.

      „Henri Coandă” Air Force Academy cadets are boys and girls enrolled after being admitted at the admission contest organized by the Academy. The selection and registration of candidates are made through the network of Information - Recruitment Offices from the Selection and Guidance Regional Centres of the Ministry of National Defence (MND). Other beneficiaries have their own selection and registration process of the candidates regarding the admission contest. The participants at the admission process are graduates with a diploma from both civilian and military colleges / high schools, according to the law regulations. Admission to the bachelor study programs includes two stages, as follows: a written English Language Exam (eliminatory stage) and a written Mathematics & Psychology Exam (written test in Romanian language). The High School examination average has a percentage share in the admission average, too.
      The number of places in competition, study programs and specializations are approved by MND depending on the human resource development strategy. The costs for cadets training and education are supported by the Romanian Government. On graduation, each cadet will become an officer with a bachelor diploma in “Military Sciences, Intelligence and Public Order”. Therefore, he/she will acquire skills of military leaders, warriors, military specialists, instructors and officer-citizens, all of these being tightly connected.
      The admission contest for master study programs is organized by the Academy for candidates with a bachelor diploma according to the law regulations. The master study programs are held in Romanian language, and the students should pay the study taxes annually, according to the Academy Senate decision.
     The institution provides all students with lodging within the students accommodation facility, the posibility to eat at the academy dining facility and free medical asistance in the embedded medical facility, as well.

      “Henri Coandă” Air Force Academy is part of the National Research and Development System, as a Higher education institution, being accredited to perform scientific activities in the field of “Military Sciences, Intelligence and Public Order”. The scientific activity is developed at each department level and within their own Research Centres. The scientific results are disseminated through own journal, „Review of the Air Force Academy”. The scientific journal is indexed by four recognized scientific databases and networks, namely EBSCO, Index Copernicus, Cabell's and Kubon & Sagner.
      In the field of education and scientific research the following outstanding achievements are worth mentioning: the recognition of university with High Confidence Rating by ARACIS, in 2016; the academy classification as University for Education and Scientific Research and the evaluated bachelor study program „Organization Management” within A category by Ministry of National Education through its Order no 5262/2011. Due to the program developed through “Cisco Networking Academy Initiative”, our institution is recognised and registered as CISCO Local Academy.
      The Academy organizes annually three international scientific conferences, having partnerships with other national and international higher education and research institutions: one for students - „Communicating Across Cultures, AFASTUD”, and two more for the teaching staff and Ph.D. students - „Scientific Research and Education in the Air Force, AFASES”, namely, „Redefining Community in Intercultural Context, RCIC”.
      „Henri Coandă” Air Force Academy has received the ERASMUS Charter, signing bilateral agreements for developing students and teaching staff mobility with three universities: University of Defence form Czech Republic, Armed Force Academy from Slovak Republic and Turkish Air Force Academy.
      Furthermore, starting with 2012 our institution has joined the European Air Force Academies Association (EUAFA).
      „Henri Coandă” Air Force Academy continues the work of the Military Aviation Institute „Aurel Vlaicu”, the Radio-location Institute „Avram Iancu” and the Missile and Anti-aircraft Artilery Institute „General Bungescu”, whose tradition began as follows:

1 April 1912 The first aviation military school was established in Cotroceni, based on the High Decree no.1953 on March 27, under the leadership of major of aviation Ion Macri, being one of the first five institutions of this kind in the world;
10 Decembre 1939 The first anti-aircraft artilery offiter school was established in Bucharest, shortly after the trigger of the second World War, under the name of „Military School of Anti-aircraft Artilery Officers”;
1 Decembre 1952 The first school of radar officers was established in Sibiu.